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FTA Resources

Tools to become a knowledgeable, reliable, resourceful flexographer.

FTA’s resources provide foundational and essential knowledge that flexographers use to build their careers.

No bookshelf is complete without defining publications like Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances (FIRST) and Flexography: Principles & Practices.

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  • FIRST 7.0 50% Discount

    Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances is the ultimate guide to flexographic print quality.

    It features technical information needed to produce high-quality and consistent print, pressrun after pressrun.

    FTA members save 50% on printed copies.

  • FP&P 6.0 50% Discount

    Flexography: Principles & Practices is a comprehensive technical resource manual that addresses all aspects of flexographic technology.

    It features 29 chapters, vibrant and full-color illustrations, a glossary of terms, and troubleshooting guide.

    FTA members save 50% on printed copies.

  • FLEXOGRAPHY 101 Booklet Series 50% Discount

    Designed for anyone who needs a basic knowledge of different topics regarding the flexographic printing process.

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  • FP&P Booklets 50% Discount

    Comprehensive but precise information about specific areas of the flexographic workflow.

    FTA members save 50% on each booklet.

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